Real Estate Listing Descriptions: They’re More Important Than You Think

With more and more people using the internet to find homes, your written descriptions are becoming more important than ever.

When it comes to listing a home online, I find that many realtors put most of their effort into the pictures, which is an understandable mistake. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” as the saying goes. However, images, and even video tours, can only tell your potential buyers what is currently there.

Your listing has the opportunity to do what pictures can’t: tell your potential buyers about the type of life they can live there.

Typically, a written listing is intended to do one thing: list features.

But why limit yourself to a list of features when you can use language to do so many more things? Your description is powerful, if you use it right, and can accomplish the following:

  1. Inform potential buyers about the features of the home
  2. Make the home stand out amidst the hundreds of other local listings on the internet
  3. Target the exact buyers you’re hoping to attract
  4. Show buyers the potential in the home
  5. Tell buyers how the space could be used
  6. Intrigue otherwise uninterested parties

Just think, an aspiring homeowner comes across your listing online. They look at the pictures, and see that the house is nice, but there isn’t much making it stand out. Maybe there’s even something they don’t like about it, such as the kitchen appliances or wallpaper in the bedroom. Of course, those are things that are easy to change, but in a picture, you’re not given the opportunity to see what that space could become.

The buyer scrolls down to the written listing to see only a bullet-list of standard features, and while doing so, is distracted by the promoted homes on the sidebar of the site, which tempts him to click away.

Imagine if, instead, your listing had given them a story that could hold their attentions–one in which the buyer could insert himself as the “protagonist,” and read about what his life could be like living in this home.

A well-written listing with an evocative and attention-grabbing headline is a powerful marketing tool, because unlike pictures, they’re versatile, and provide endless possibilities.

Take a look at the listing I wrote down below:

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